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Terra brings together our culinary expertise and passion for innovative dining to offer a unique and tantalizing experience for gluten-free and vegan lifestyles. Using a range of techniques and influences, Terra aims to send each guest on a culinary adventure that introduces local and sustainable plant-based products. Events are currently hosted once a month, each one at a different location, with a different theme, and menu. Each dinner is a ticketed affair, so quantity is limited!

Where We Began

It all began when Chef Max and I were working together at a restaurant in Vancouver. Sharing a mutual love for Michelin-starred restaurants and the caliber of dining that goes with them, we began to discuss the idea of 'pop-up' dining. Max had the desire to stretch his culinary muscles, and I wanted to support a chef in an area where I had once wished someone had helped me. 

While we were planning and discussing, events and the people in my life caused me to reflect heavily on my animal consumption and how animals are treated in general. Max had also noticed as a chef in the industry that if you were gluten-free and vegan, you were limited in the dining experiences you could enjoy. 

Within a few months we began to entertain the idea of doing exclusively vegan and gluten-free pop-up dinners. We both felt that we had a  responsibility to not only shed light on the choices a person makes, but to also prove that vegan and gluten-free food has depth, character, and intrigue, thereby challenging a common misconception that this type of cuisine is bland and uninspired. Max approaches each dish with a technical flavour philosophy, and each meal presents both classical and modern cooking techniques.

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Terra Team

Max Straczek - Head Chef: 778.319.4984

David Khayutin - Project Manager: 604.441.0372


Terra - Dinner 1 - May 8th, 2018

Terra - Dinner 2 - June 25th, 2018

Venue Location may change with each event